Here is where I reveal myself to the universe , not the world.

Through introspection, the questions  asked, the solutions found ,that manifest from within that which is  revealed from without.Are not mine to horde but to share with all who are prepared to take the time to read and embrace which they see as beneficial.

If only one person can resonate and transform and find their  own genius and uniqueness and imprint it on the world and make the world a better place.

My cup is full !

How I serve the universe and my fellow human being is a path that has yet to be revealed,but this can only happen one step at time.

In the complexity I find the simplicity


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Shout It – Live It -Share It

In all of us lies, pure genius ,artistry  a gift to bestow on the universe Regret ,procrastination and the fear of our culturescape,reveals our ego and not our true self. Give yourself permission to take your unique gift,which is like a finger print unique,bubbling underneath with firm desire. And Create,Inspire ,Motivate and publish -> Share … Continue reading Shout It – Live It -Share It

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