In the imperfection is the beauty

“In the imperfection is the beauty”

For far too long I held the belief that my ability to communicate by written word had been marginalised by a bad grade within the schooling system. Once realising that this is a mere skill that can only be practiced by creating and publishing the fear has no option but to dissipate. For what is important is the message not the grammar.

Be inspired put yourself out there front and centre,


“We all live our life destiny on the opinions of others” ,the madness must stop, we all have choices and the only two points that should be considered are 

  1. Does this choice, only compromise the old me if so persevere !
  2. In the choice I make I refuse to be the victim of this choice.

Make choices fail, stand-up make more choice-> live this life with eloquence, with excitement with adventure, with compassion with love and with kindness epitomise your true-self and the gifts that have been bestowed on you.

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