By all means Just B U

In our human material world,we need to give ourselves the freedom to be our true-self and not that manifests from the tyranny of social standing and the expectations which are forced on us.

Giving ourselves permission to reveal our true-self not only to those we take into our confidence but all that are prepared to listen.

We are able to liberate, empower and forge our true-destiny.

Through our ability to be creative, we instill a gift to the world and cultivate and expand our gift. Feeling a deep connection to what we create and how it will impact others.

Similar to a pebble ,dropped in a quite body of water that forms multiple ripples that can only radiate outwards,so our true spirit has no option but to reveal it true purpose.

Through our ability to be kind, to ourselves and to others true measure of how full our cup really is, when we accept that we achieve more by being kind rather than right. We dissipate resentment and pain and replace with empathy and bliss.

Through our ability to be love, the ever-present moment ,ourselves and all who cross our path. We create an unbreakable bond which no amount of discord can break as our love transforms into an unconditional source of pure energy.

Through our ability to be beauty, to see it in ourselves ,our environment and all living beings we are truly able to understand that this very moment is as it should be and the true solution lies within.

Through our ability to be ever-expanding, we broaden our mind to the infinite possibilities ,different opinions and solutions which are available for us to utilise. Giving, sharing and accepting our gift which we share with the world, we manifest abundance for all we desire and require.

Through our ability to be receptive, being ever-present in this moment! we are able to understand the true meaning of our life and not our lifestyle. Listening to the silent cues, that are created and that bring about the change of the seasons. So we fall into the ebb and flow and appreciate the emotions and experiences that they bring to our life and what we may learn and treasure.

Through our ability to be gratitude, we are humbled by the happiness the inner peace and the good we see in all that pass through our lives, For the gifts we receive and the gifts we give are not ours to hoard but an opportunity for us to expand and set them free.

Through all of the above our true self may be revealed everyday even in the chaos and pain of our material world.


But by all means Just B->U

In the imperfection lies the beauty